Hughes XF-11 Pilot's Flight Operating Instructions

Hughes XF-11 Pilot's Flight Operating Instructions

Book Title: Hughes XF-11 Pilot's Flight Operating Instructions

Author: The Gentle Notebook

Format: Paperback | 110 pages

Publication Date: 20 Dec 2009

ISBN-13: 9781935327790

The XF-11 was originally conceived as a dedicated reconnaissance aircraft, capable of high-speed penetration of enemy defenses. The plane's design benefitted from research work by its builder, the brilliant and sometimes mercurial Howard Hughes. Inspired by an experimental aircraft he had created known as the DX-2, Hughes' XF-11 was a twin-engine, twin-boom, tricycle gear monoplane that featured a pressurized nacelle for its crew and 28-cylinder engines with contra-rotating props. Hughes piloted the XF-11 on its maiden flight, and was nearly killed when one of the props reversed its pitch and the plane crashed. After Hughes recovered from his injuries, he piloted a second prototype outfitted with conventional props. By then the Air Force had already made up its mind: the XF-11 would never enter service. Originally printed by Hughes and the Air Force this handbook provides a fascinating glimpse inside the cockpit of this plane. This manual is declassified. Please note: due to the archival nature of this document, print quality can vary.